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Fun Times and Upcoming Decisions

I have reached the end of the Nothing to Talk About phase, apparently. Stuff is happening! I better get it down in my blog before it flies out of my head, eh? ;-P

I have a few job offers- nothing I was expecting, and I'm still trying to decide. Okay, so I turned down the one that was photographing stamps for 8 hours a day, because frankly the lady freaked me out a bit. And the piles of crap EVERYWHERE in what passed for their office would cause me to flip out and kill people within two weeks. Also, they were very shady finanacial-wise and weren't offering much.

However, I've also been offered a position selling long-term health care insurance, annuities, and medicare supplements. People make faces when I mention this- go on, you can too, if you'd like. But the place I went to was full of friendly and hard-working people, everyone I talked to has been very straight-forward about how it works, and- surprise of all surprises- I'm actually interested in what they're selling. Anyone who's read this long enough knows I went through some periods of thinking I might not ever be able to take care of myself financially. By the time we looked into long-term healthcare, it was way too late. So I've got sort of a personal interest. Also, I agree with their methodology. So....I don't know. I'll see. It's 100% commission, so that's kind of scary. I would like something I can focus myself on. I've been drifting too much lately.

I wish Clearwire would get back to me about things. They're probably the only other ones I'd be serious about...

We went to the Daytona Reptile Expo a couple of weekends ago! There were snakes and I got to meet mokele and hidenplainsight there, both of which I hadn't seen in years. It was really great to see them, to meet Gemma, and plus, there were snakes! :D We played with the sea cockroaches and swam at the beach (which I hadn't done till now), and talked forever.

And now...we have snakes. Two snakes- they're both corn snakes. One has a long title that starts with amel- and I can't remember the rest. She is pink and red and very pretty. That one is Nicki's, and is named Lan. The other one is an okeetee, which means she's a beautiful brown-red-and-orange. We have identified this as 'blood and rust colored'. So we were going to call her Dahlia...after watching her down a fetal mouse, though, we changed her name to Claudia. >_>

Claudia, being fat after eating:

Claudia- er, part of her, anyways. She likes the camera a bit too much:

And this is the most still I could get her to sit:

And here is Lan!

She's a little more jumpy, but she's adorable.

She likes to hide under her plane. Sadly, Snakes Under a Plane...not as comercially feasible:

Now, to get the quota of whining in- it'd be nice if my eyes stopped being a pain. I've been trying to get rid of this infection for over a month now. :-P Stupid eye things. I am tired of glasses and not being able to see (which honestly defeats the purpose of the glasses)!
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