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cutedestruction's Journal

11 May
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I am a rather strange person who does not do very well when meeting people for the first time. I like anime, Invader Zim, guinea pigs, snakes, reading, swimming, and space (not necessarily in order). I was a graduate student studying physics at Florida Tech, doing research on magnetic levitation. (FOOM!) Unfortunately, I'm currently struggling with two chronic illnesses, fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain- both of which have made it pretty much impossible to support myself. Great. Since May 2003, I've been hanging around my parents house with a lot of extra free time, working on trying to get better. The fact that I had surgery last February that removed two bone spurs from my spine means that I should be back to my regularly scheduled life soon. I'm two things that generally make people upset with me, and that is: a) agnostic, and b) bisexual. If you are offended by people who are these things, well....good for you, but don't bother me. It's not like they define me, but they are a part of who I am.
24, 27, 8-bit theater, agent smith, american eskimo dogs, android 18, animal magnetism, anime, anime music videos, anthony hopkins, as if!, atlas shrugged, ayashi no ceres, ayn rand, black holes, brad pitt, brent spiner, brownies, buffy the vampire slayer, cartoons, chronic myofascial pain, clanbob, clerks, college roomies from hell!!!, computer programming, computers, cooking, csi, cutthroat island, dane cook, danger mouse, daria, david xanatos, deadpool, death to smoochy, demonology 101, dirty vegas, dogma, dork tower, dr. hannibal lecter, dungeons and dragons, ebichu the housekeeping hamster, edward norton, edward nygma, evil vampire willow, excel saga, explodingdog.com, fibromyalgia, fight club, final fantasy x, fitcon, freakazoid!, galaxy quest, gargoyles, gir, gloomcookie, great hotels, green, green lighters, guinea pigs, halloween, harry potter, hellsing, hoobastank, house of leaves, hugo weaving, insomniac, invader zim, investing, iron chef, j-rock, jane eyre, japan, jim carrey, jimmy eat world, john delancie, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, judy and mary, kingdom hearts, kip thorne, lefsa, life of riley, ljdrama.org, mac hall, maico 2010, mean guns, mighty max, millions knives, momento, monkey d. luffy, mystery science theater 3000, navidson record, neon genesis evangelion, norway, objectivism, one piece, orbital mechanics, perfect blue, pinky and the brain, pirates, poe, q, rasputina, reality check, red vines, revolutionary girl utena, role playing games, sailor mercury, sailor moon, sandman, serial experiments lain, shakka zombie, sharp things, silent hill, snakes, snatch, sno-caps, space, space ghost, squeaky spooky, star trek, system of a down, tempurpedic pillows, tenchi muyo, tenshi ni narumon, the creeper, the fountainhead, the last unicorn, the mask, the princess bride, the ring, the tick, the truman show, they might be giants, titan a.e., titus, trading spaces, trance, treasure planet, tribbles, trigun, unbreakable, utada hikaru, vampires, vegeta, while you were out, white wolf, who framed roger rabbit