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Daytona is nice. I would like to live there, I think.

It's about a week after I got back from Florida, but I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. There's been so many things to do- I'm not used to that.

The trip was wonderful. I got to see serdudds, forced him to play Silent Hill 2. He now owns the second and the fourth games. Go Brian! Anyway, for the first week, the whole group was me, him, rabidchild23, and pixymisao. We went around to all the cool places in Daytona, spent enormous amounts of time watching TV (I believe we had a Harvey Birdman marathon at one point), went to a waterpark, ate at a lot of nice restaurants, and Brian and Dan were nice enough to be patient with me buying a blue shirt from Ross. We also stopped down in Melbourne and saw a few was great.

The morning we dropped Brian off at the airport, I had my on-site job interview. It went pretty well- I really like the people there. Tom, the guy who interviewed me, told me that they need to post the job internally before they can give me a yes or a no, so I'm currently waiting on that. In the meantime, I'm getting reading done on Java, JavaBeans, JSPs, and eventually MySQL and PHP.

So we dropped Brian off, then made a five hour trek down to Sanibel Island to meet up with hey_montana (who we had met through sages_of_chaos, so it was really like a mini-Sages-con. Er, yeah. BPRD Con, man!) and her new husband. They were...actually on their honeymoon, so I'm hoping we didn't interrupt too much... We brought them back up to Daytona with us that very night. They spent a couple days up there- we went to Orlando and ended up hanging out at Sci Fi City quite a bit. We also watched Hellboy, which was interesting, fun, and scary, all at the same time! (hey, it mirrors our Sages experience completely). We went back to Sanibel and spent a night and a morning there. The place was beautiful.

It was really good to meet you guys! These are the first people I've met in real life that I first encountered online. Hopefully not the last, because I have my eye on meeting germboy and a bunch of other Silent Hill people in September. [Insert deity here], I hope I have a job by then. I mean, I'll have something, I can pretty much guarantee that. But hopefully, I'll have some sort of salaried career-type job.

I spent about another five days just with Nicki and Dan. It was nice: we watched Jeeves and Wooster, generally hung out, and Nicki and I played online way too much. As we tend to do. Seriously, it wouldn't have happened if people just kept from exploding things on Sages! ...all right, so we're addicted. It's not a problem! I promise its not. >.> The last day, we went to the (HIDEOUSLY MISNAMED) Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona. There was a lot of art. Oh, boy was there ever art. And a giant sloth. :-D

After I got home, things went to crap for awhile. This was mostly due to my sister's baby shower, which was last Sunday; and my friend's bridal shower, which was RIGHT AFTER my sister's shower on Sunday. You may remember the amount of whining I did for the one about a month ago...well, yeah. This was hideous. I hate dealing with people I barely know. But I can be terribly good at it- I just need to curl up in a ball outside and speak to no one for a couple days afterward.

Not helping this was the fact that everyone online suddenly wanted to talk to me right after I arrived back home. I had fifty million things to do, about five RPGs I 'needed' to do stuff for, books to get, people to pay attention to, and all of this with no money- I literally have NO money now. Well, okay, about $2.00. And then I have my Scottrade account, if I really have to use it, but pulling that out right now would mean taxes up the ass. I'd really like to save it for setting myself up here when I move, and not use it on things like...say, going to Batman Begins or buying an Invader Zim box set.

Anyway, this week equalled migraines+ seriously family talks + antisocialness + Need to Find Job Now, and that does not combine to make a delightful mixed drink, sadly...But I am back and I'm not freaking out as much about things. Good for me.

So, we've got this little thing going now. It'll eventually be a BIG THING, but now we're just building and testing. It is:

Go, check it out! Our forums are diverse and cool, and we welcome geeks of all kinds. Our main categories are: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Technogeekery, Horror, Role-Playing, Japan, Comics, Music, Art, and Writing. Seriously, go make yourself an account. Because its cool. And we need more people to test our nifty new ranking system.

Also, if you might be interested in writing for us- rants, reviews, random ponderings, ANYTHING really- please let me know. We'd love to have more writers.
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