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I'm sitting here at the computer, the lights off, a candle lit, and my blinds completely open. I can see the fireworks from at least seven different displays (three of which I KNOW to be totally illegal) right at this very second. I've always liked the Fourth of July. Maybe its because its always been a special occasion, as far as my father's concerned. I didn't used to like fireworks, though. The noise hurt my ears. And that sounds like a terribly wussy thing to say, but then...anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge wuss.

There hasn't been much going on with me the last few weeks- now, usually that doesn't stop me from writing random stuff. I've switched from looking for careers to looking for jobs. There's a job fair here on July 14th- I'm dreading having to go to it, because I would so love to go live in Daytona. But I'm not going to move there unless I have a job with benefits. I don't want to end up like my sister- no insurance, no money, etc...just because I felt like moving and had money at the time. I've also become entirely too engrossed in a certain roleplaying game. I figured I'd have more time rather than less once it started up, but...I find myself focusing on it, getting ready for it, etc etc. a lot of the time. I think it might partially have to do with the fact that I need something to offset the job-searching stress. So, apologies if I haven't been keeping up with what's going on with you. It's because I'm terribly inconsiderate, you see. Always feel free to e-mail me at if you wanna catch up, okay?

Now I could go on about how I'm wondering where I'll be in the next month or so, but you folks have heard it before. Maybe I should talk about my writing. I've got tons and tons to write, for various people and on various topics, and I'm not sure whether I can write quality work. I feel like I just need a kick in the pants of some sort. But maybe...maybe I'm not that great a writer. I know, I know...everyone get your gasps of disbelief out now. -_-;; I've never been tested, really, and now's my time. Omnigeek needs me. I guess we'll find out just how 'reasonably decent' I really am. Aw, that's all self-doubting BS. I'm sure you really wanted to hear it. ;-P

Time to get back to watching the fireworks. I have a feeling they'll be going way past midnight., writing as me shouldn't feel this unusual.
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