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Things are actually happening!

Item 1: My sister has had a baby boy. He was born September 5th, and I must say he's a pretty darn cute baby. His name is Adonai, which apparently means 'My Lord' or something. Mom has declared she's going to call him Donny. We'll see how that goes. My sister should've gone home yesterday- I haven't heard anything about it, unfortunately. I don't know much about babies, and usually I don't care to know much about them. But I imagine I can make some room to care about this one. ;-) It's really weird, being an aunt. I still can't wrap my brain around it.

Item 2: I now have a job. I'm working at Hollywood Video, which is a wonderful place to work. I love it so far, although I'm a little worried my fibro's going to start acting up again. Oh, well, I gotta start somewhere. Also, they're already training me to eventually take an assistant manager position, which means it'd be full time AND I get benefits! Wooo! So, I'm working on that. Another good thing about this job is that it sounds pretty easy to transfer across country. So, six months after I start up on full-time, I could request to go to Daytona. Yay!

I really do just like the place, though. I get free movie rentals. And the atmosphere is great. Customers are rarely difficult and my coworkers already have seemed to accept me pretty well. The assistant manager here is a major anime fan, by the way. Last time I closed with him, we watched anime music videos for the last three hours.

Item 3: I was called by a staffing company- they're looking to fill a position for an Orbital Analyst for a satellite company, and my resume looked good! :-D The major sticking point was the fact that I don't have security clearance. That's been the major problem with my entire search, really. Most companies want you to have clearance, but you can't get clearance until you work for one of them. Yeah, one of those. :-P But the guy handling my info was going to look into how I could get a company to sponsor me. So that's great.

Item 4: My router decided it hates me. So I'm only barely connected most of the time. More reason to move out quickly.

Item 5: I have eight freakin' cavities! I'm in the process of getting them filled. Sounds like I'm going to have to get my wisdom teeth out soon, too. :-P

Item 6: I just watched Garden State yesterday and I loved it so much. It was...well, I'll just say that it was very enlightening. It's one of those movies that makes you realize things about yourself.

All in all, things are much better right now. I hope I can do okay with this job, healthwise. I have to admit, I'm still a little worried about how I'll handle it. But I'm already able to do a lot more than I used to be. So...pretty good so far. I've been waiting for over a year to use this icon, by the way. :-)
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