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Tales from the Blown-Up Store #1

Wow, it's been quite the three weeks.

I've managed to get from "Okay, what needs to happen in the next hour to keep the store operational?" to "What needs to happen in the next couple of days?" This isn't to say there still isn't a major crisis every day. But at least I'm not handling five at once.

The last manager left the store (my store, now) in absolutely horrible condition. She was only there six weeks, and had just done inventory two weeks prior, but somehow all of our product is mismatched, posted to Lost, stuck under random cabinets, etc. Our candy was 3/4 expired- we just tossed it last night. The customers all walk into the store looking like someone's going to jump them and take their lunch money- an obvious testament to the wonderful service they've received here till now. And then there's the staff...I've had to replace a good chunk of them, because they were worse than useless. Considering the store was severely understaffed to begin with...

It's all because the last manager wouldn't let anyone do anything. She treated them like they were too stupid to get it. And she never filed anything either. As you might imagine, I am not exactly filled with love for this woman.

Despite all that, I'm really doing quite well. I have a lot of support from the other stores and my boss, the District Manager. My brain is finally happy that I can use it for something- and this does require a LOT of organization. And it's been awhile since I've tested my limits. I'm really proud of the fact that I haven't broken down once this whole time...and I could've easily done so in the first three days. That was like a marathon of suck.

Anyway, yes I am alive! I even have a cellphone now. O_O It is amazing, but after the first night I had to go check on the store at three in the morning I decided that it was kind of necessary.
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