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One day, I'll start updating again. Figured today I can get a placeholder in.

I've had a really nice month, getting settled here in Florida and spending cash like nobody's business. I seem to have two modes when spending money- on and off. And when I'm on 'on', there it all goes. There's always such excellent things to spend stuff on, too! I know have a Pyramid Head shirt, and my hair's got a nice purple tint to it. (And it can still pass as normal hair, which is great)

However, I also have no income, I'm taking money out of my emergency fund, and I'm wracking up bills on things I have not been expecting. My money's currently 'tied up' getting to me, and who knows how many days that will take. So...yes, spending less on things starts now.

I'm working on applying to everything ever. If this doesn't yield anything by August, I'll expand that to Everything Ever + Infinity....which sounds cool, but just means part-time retail, as well. ;-)

All that aside, it's actually great to be here. I can relax here and go out and do things with people occasionally, and I don't have to pretend I'm not on the computer. All of which are indications that I really did need to move out of my parent's house.

So- I just need a way to support myself, and everything will be set. If I keep saying it, maybe it'll just appear.
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