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So freakin' bored....

So, of course, as soon as I can't so much as look at the computer, I start getting job offers that actually might seem legit. Which is all well and good, but they al involve testing of some sort, and I can't look at what I'm doing here. Bleah.

For those of you that are uninformed (probably about all of you), I've been having major eye problems the past few days. I thought it was eyestrain, so I've stayed off the computer entirely, but it appears to be getting worse. I can't see at all sometimes now. :-P I'm typing this particular thing with my eyes closed, so please to forgive any weird typos... I'm going to the eye doctor tomorrow. According to relatives, he'll probably find that I've scratched my eyeball, give me some antibiotic salve, then give me enough tranqs to put me out for a day, so I actually rest the thing. We'll see what happens.

This whole thing has made me realize just how much I need my eyes for doing...things. Like freakin' everything. It isVERY BORING without being able to see things. I don't like it, no sir.

So the first thing I do, when my eyes're not working- Buy a PSP. Because yes, that four-inch screen is SO much better for me than anything else. Hey, I need it for Silent Hill: Origins. Shut up.

In other news, I'm still a loser with no job. However, I did just see V for Vendetta (finally), and that was awesome. So yay. :D Clerks 2- also very good, but obviously for entirely different reasons. ...all right, that's all I got.
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