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In another edition of "I only write here when I've got a Migraine" theater:

Fucking cluster migraine. I haven't had one of these since 2003. I can't even fucking see what I'm typing, I have to look at the keys and they're blurry.

How come I'm doing reasonably well until I actually NEED to be doing something, and then I'm totally fucking useless?

And the DAMNED fibromyalgia flare can go the fuck away already- I don't need the addition of everything hurting and spiking and burning. God, my eyes feel like they're gonna pop right out of my head.

Can I have five years? Just FIVE goddamned years when I'm healthy and don't have to live in fear of being totally disabled with no fucking insurance and everyone paying my way? Five years so I can fucking hold down ONE job and prove to myself I've got some worth to me? I'll take one eyar of living alone and supporting myself, when I'm not living in a place filled almost entirely with other people's things, taking advantage of their kindness. C'mon, one? I don't even care which job I've got anymore!


Other than that, things are going really well. I'll put that in a less angry post later on, when I'm feeling a little better.
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