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Drugged-up Digest of Amy's Life

So it happens this way: every time I think I'm going to update my journal, I remember how long it's been and how much stuff I'll have to skip over, and then I go ", screw it." and I don't write. Of course, when I'm severely medicated, that doesn't happen, so that's why I'm writing right now. Also, it's probably the reason why this won't make any damn sense. But oh, well.

Dan and Nicki's wedding went off pretty well. It was a fun weekend of meeting lots of people and doing lots of things. As per usual, I was ill for most of it. I've continued with the sick ever since, with it finally culminating and causing me to black out a couple times at work yesterday. Not good.

But that's another thing- I'm working for Target now, as an entertainment specialist. Yes, this does mean I was working Electronics during the After-Thanksgiving sales. Yes, that did suck terribly, especially since we were still trying to fit training in there. And if that wasn't enough, we also moved.

So we're no longer in the apartment that's mostly on the second floor. Instead, we're in a small-ish house about three or four miles north of our previous position. The town is a little odd- a mixture of poor and rich, but the middle class seems to be almost non-existent. Or I could just be sheltered and unobservant, who knows. What I do know is our house was built in 1962, it has a kidney-shaped screened in pool, and the seller left a bunch of crap here, both good and bad. We've got a garage freezer, a really nice grill, patio furniture, and a nice giant bookcase for our DVDs. We've also got a really old Scary Chair, ugly wood horse decorations on the garage door, a toolshed full of briefcases, etc. So yeah, some good and some bad. I really love the good things, though. And the house itself is just awesome.

I'm contemplating papering the walls in my room with parts of House of Leaves- mostly for the faces I get whenever I mention it.
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Hmm. Houses are good, and you never know. Maybe there's treasure in the briefcases or something. At the least, some nice vintage porn or something.
Target? Hmm. Well, it's money, and that's almost always a good thing.
Also, since I didn't know until know, please extend my congratulations to Dan & Nicki. Marraige can be great. Or at least it has been so far.

The walls of my office are now "Precious Emerald Green" with, I think, some stainless steel accents. Kindof a circuit board theme...

Feel better soon!
Haha. I b in yr house taking ur ugly horse decorations.
New Daytona comm cause the other iz deed. Join.